Tower ruins Preliminary Final coverage

September 22 2017

Adelaide played Geelong in the Preliminary Final tonight and anticipation was in the air, would Patrick Dangerfield fire up against his old team? would Eddie Betts kick a bag? would it be a great clash?

Unfortunately for Deniliquin and the Southern Riverina, a transmission tower had other ideas and football became unwatchable in match one of the second biggest weekend of the AFL season.

Those who were watching Foxtel, Netflix etc or other channels were wondering what was going on when reports started coming on Facebook that 7/Prime was acting up.

Phones were ringing off the hook as those staying at our local establishments wanted to know from hotel staff what the problem was, tips were going across the internet on how to tune in via the internet and DNS briefly became sportscasters in text.

The game itself wasn’t much to write home about, Adelaide blew Geelong out of the water in the first quarter thanks to Eddie Betts and Tom Lynch kicking two apiece and they went on with the job to win 21.10 – 136 to 10.15 – 75

On the bright side of things, well let’s not say our thought in text just in case it happens.


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