Council gets to work

September 22 2017

As expected, Norm Brennan was yesterday elected to be the first Mayor of the Edward River Council.

The pick for Deputy Mayor was also very logical for Pat Fogarty was rewarded for coming second in the polling.

It will be interesting to see how the ERC will function, a lot of the talk during the election campaign was about finances and how good people were with money but residents mainly want to see action and no posturing, self promotion or grandstanding by Councillors.

The people want pothole free roads, Australia Day to never move from January 26, Kerbside Recycling to become reality, Rates frozen or lowered and they must be value for money and people want the ERC to make some sort of deal with Deniliquin Plaza to install more cameras and lower or capture vehicle collisions.

There are many more desires but those are some of the wants and needs told to us through our polls and post comments.

The first ordinary meeting has been set for 9am on Thursday the 19th of October at Council Chambers (aka 180 Cressy Street).

We wish the ERC the best of luck and we will continue to record how they do as we get closer to 2020.


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