Brewery Bottles on eBay

August 28 2017

There has been a slight resurgence of bottles and posters from the Riverine Brewery Co. being offered on eBay.

Recently a bottle sold for $27 and there is a bottle from around 1910 on offer for $75 before P&H.

Most bottles are sold for around $40 apiece before P&H comes in  which usually comes to around $15.

Those who have some wall space may be interested in this poster, the only downside to it is that it is in Moorabbin and cannot be posted so locals may have to have a road trip or get a friend nearby to help.

The bottle in the picture below has ‘Riverine Brewery Co. Deniliquin’ on the front and below that it has the words ‘This bottle is the property of Elliots Riverine Brewery Co. Deniliquin’.

The bottom of the bottle has a stamp with a C and an M below it, there is a 0 to the right side of the stamp and below that is stamped L458 and finally an M below that and a B2a near that with the 2 backwards.

The difference between the bottle mentioned and the $75 one apart from design is the more expensive version does not have the message about property yet those who love to collect will still jump at it.

Bottles will most likely have cracks and the surface may be roughed up by decades of dirt and other materials but nothing that should wreck the bottle.

We will continue to report on items as they are seen.



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