Local gamers stream game play live

August 15 2017

If you want to see a local gamer doing their thing then consider giving ‘Belcat’ a like or a view.

People who follow Belcat’s Gaming page on Facebook are always kept in the loop on when he’ll be streaming games and when he acquires new gaming hardware to improve the spectacle.

People can also go on Twitter to follow progress but all the action is on Twitch as every couple of nights, viewers can watch all the latest plays of games.

Tonight’s game of choice was Kingdom Hearts 2.5, an excellent choice considering this afternoon and this evening has been rained out.

On this particular night we see that there have been 682 views of the live stream which is a pretty good haul.

The quality of the stream is pretty good with everything easy to see and hear to the point its like watching a movie but then something comes up that reminds you it is a game that you are seeing.

We’ll keep reporting on Belcat’s gaming as news comes to hand.


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