Ghost of the Trotting Cob

August 15 2017

Readers may recall a time earlier this year that a ghost story was making the rounds in the thumbs up/thumbs down group.

It was quickly revealed to be a widely spun story with names and places changed to suit locals but there is actually a ghost story that happened early on in the local areas history.

It apparently started way back in around 1860, there was reports of a headless horse ridden by a headless horseman in the north of Deniliquin, this was called ‘The Ghost of the Trotting Cob’

It was said that the colt was black but the legs and body were whitewashed whilst the rider was wearing light coloured clothing but had blackened his face and neck and the two were scaring mobs of travelling cattle.

This story was written down in 1933 but it appears the sightings stopped at the time they started as they said 70 years had passed, perhaps it was just a yarn or there was a prankster around causing trouble in the night or perhaps for those who believe a true event.

There’s only 76 days to go until Halloween, perhaps the Trotting Cob will get restless and scare some cattle (or some people) again.


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