Sports Talk (10/8/17)

August 10 2017

This is a special edition of Sports Talk as it is the final round of the PDFNL season.

Each side is looked at in terms of where they are and what they have to do to secure their spots on the ladder or advance position.

Rovers Football

Rovers Seniors – 6th

They need to win and win big to get fifth because Berrigan have the bye so they can’t go anywhere, the Seniors need Picola to be charitable and park their best players as they are currently top of the ladder.

Reserves – 3rd

Win or lose they do not move up and they do not move down, this gives the side some flexibility before finals.

U/17′s – 3rd

Like the Reserves they can’t go up or down so they also have the flexibility of resting players if they see the need to do so, on the other hand so does Picola as they are also sitting pretty.

U/14‘s – 2nd

A win secures second place on the ladder, a loss could send them to third if Strathmerton wins and Strathmerton is playing Jerilderie.

Jerilderie wants to win, gain 5% and see Mathoura lose to Tocumwal to take fifth position off Mathoura.

Rovers Netball

A Grade – 2nd

They play fifth place Picola, the Rovers must win and Blighty (3rd) must lose to secure second position.

B Grade – 1st

Sitting comfortably on top of the ladder, a loss would not impact them as they are two games up on Mathoura.

C Grade – 4th

A win could get them to third position if Jerilderie lose, a loss could drop them to fifth if Tocumwal wins their game.

C Reserve – 2nd

C Reserve are secured in second spot but Picola has lots to play for because if they lose they can drop to fourth as Mathoura (4th) and Tocumwal (5th) are playing each other and Picola in 5th has superior percentage to both the above teams and can take the spot of the loser.

U/17‘s – 6th

Unfortunately the U/17’s cannot make finals but a win could do Tocumwal a favour because Picola (3rd) is a game behind Tocumwal but has superior percentage so if Picola wins and Tocumwal loses the positions will change.

U/15‘s – 3rd

Superior percentage of over 60% ahead Mathoura and Blighty (4th & 5th) gives the Rovers a cushion should they lose to Picola (2nd).

U/13‘s – 5th

The U/13’s are secured in 5th spot as Berrigan’s bye gives keeps them ahead regardless of the result against Picola and 6th spot is several games behind the Rovers.


Lots of teams will be hoping for results to go their way and for other teams to fall by the wayside to advance their position, all Rovers players should be proud of their season, as they have played each game to the best of their abilities.


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