ERC Election field packed with experience

More details are coming up on the candidates for the Edward River Council election held on September 9.

As noted over the last week, many of the candidates are from Deniliquin with several having experience with the late Deniliquin Council and one at Hay Shire.

The candidates below wrote down their experience in councils;

Peter Connell – 11 years Deniliquin Council
Andrew Howley – 3 years at Deniliquin Council
Robert Sobolewski – Deniliquin Council
Airlie Circuitt – Hay Shire
Sue Taylor – Former Mayor & Deputy Mayor (Deniliquin Council)

Candidates have a range of occupations including Dentistry, Real Estate, Farming, Automotive and Irrigation which are all bonuses for the local area.

At present the political winds of our nation seem to blow in the direction of change, the established types are challenged by inexperienced but full of ideas citizens, whether this wind will blow through the ERC remains to be seen.

To find out more about the candidates, visit the candidates section of the NSWEC website and select ‘Local Government Councillor Candidates by Area’ followed by Edward River to get all the details.


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