Poll Time (20/4/17)

We have three new poll questions on our website for readers to consider for the next two weeks and they are the following;

  1. Should Deniliquin have an Easter Parade in 2018?
  2. Is late night Dog Barking becoming excessive?
  3. What are your thoughts on current Council Rates?

The first question is being asked after one of us went to Bendigo and watched their Parade and wondered if it would work again in Deniliquin and with the Deni Fest happening it could make things bigger.

The second question is asked because we all see reports of dogs barking in town a lot on social media and now we are reading reports of barking in the early AM hours and when that happens you know there is a potential problem.

It is a tricky question because Deniliquin has lanes and people move around all the time and it is natural for dogs to bark at things that move but excessive barking appears to be on the rise and so we are finding out if it is a problem or it is not.

The third is a revisit on a hot topic from last year and that is Council Rates, we are asking if the Council rates are currently considered to be either too generous, just right or are too high.

Polls are on the right hand side of the website for PC users and on the bottom for mobile users and can be answered at any time between now and May 1.


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