Deni Speaks (17/4/17)

April 17 2017

In this edition of Deni Speaks, we posted four questions on our website for readers to answer and we can now discuss the outcome of the voting.

Questions asked

1. Should the river level be dropped before Easter?
2. Do we need more Police Officers in Deniliquin?
3. Should the ERC establish a recycling program ASAP?
4. Should the Gun Laws be loosened?


100% of voters believed that the water level should not be dropped before Easter.

65% of voters believed that Deniliquin does not need more Police Officers.

87% of voters believed that a recycling should be established ASAP.

Our fourth and the biggest question we’ve ever asked is whether or not Gun Laws should be loosened, voters for the first time had the option of multiple choice to pick an answer from the five ‘Yes’ answers and two ‘No’ answers.

33% of voters believed that the Guns Laws are fine as they are
24% of voters believed the laws should be loosened for Farmers and Hunters
17% want the Gun Laws tightened
14% want the Gun Laws loosened for home protection
7% want loosened laws for Farmers and Hunters as well as Home Protection and introduce Concealed Carry and allow Semi Automatics to be made legal.
5% want Semi Automatics to be made legal.

When tallying up the ‘Yes’ vote and the ‘No’ vote, it is a 50/50 split and this question may need to be revisited towards the end of the year to see if opinion has shifted towards one way or the other.


The general public appears to have confidence in local Police which must be very good for them to know.

The wide support for recycling would please environmentalists and those who are concerned about the amount of cans and other materials left laying about town that are either left there or a long time or eventually end up in landfill and wasted.

Farmers and Hunters may be heartened to know that they received almost a quarter of the votes in the Gun Laws poll, gun control advocates may be pleased they won the individual vote and tied in the overall vote.

Thank you for voting and/or reading our poll results and we’ll be back with new poll results on May 1.


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