Wait for Target almost over

March 22 2017

Target reopens in Deniliquin tomorrow after 239 days out of action.

Target Deniliquin was closed on July 27 last year after a fire severely damaged a sizable portion of the store at around 6am that morning.

Local company Liefting Constructions was assigned the task of rebuilding the shop and they have done a masterful job of getting the store re-built and ready for locals to shop and employees to serve them.

Estimates over time put Target Deniliquin’s reopening at April this year which was later revised up to March 30 and finally March 23 putting the builders and Target in the running to match Montgomery Scott when it comes to estimates.

Many if not all locals are happy that Target is coming back, it may seem strange to some readers that people are happy about a department store but not only does Target offer a lot of items for townspeople to buy but it also gives employment to many locals and that is a precious commodity in any community.

Target Deniliquin is currently listed as open at the following times

Thursday 8am to 7pm
Friday 8am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 6pm
Sunday 9am to 6pm

DNS wishes Target Deniliquin and its employees a great reopening tomorrow and a bright future ahead.


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