DNS supports Anti-Bullying groups

Last Friday, people around Australia marked ‘National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence’.

Anti-Bullying is something we really believe in as bullying is something that happens in Schools, Workplaces and Homes every day right around the country and the world.

People are bullied over their Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Body Weight, Sizes of Body Parts, Clothing Style, Talking Style, IQ Levels, Job Status, Health, Wealth or lack of Wealth and much more.

These days people are bullied in person, on the phone, via Text Message, Chat Rooms, Memes, Videos, Audio and more making it a 24/7 problem.

Those who are bullied lose confidence in themselves and lose faith in people around them, this can lead to isolation, a downturn in health, depression, anxiety and in growing numbers suicide as the torment overruns the desire to stay alive and enjoy the pleasures that life can bring.

For more information visit sites like ‘Bullying. No Way!’ and ‘Stand for the Silent’, two great websites from both Australia and the United States of America that educate and help those who may be bullied or are bullying.

‘Bullying. No Way!’ even has apps that give tips, advice and more for kids to use at anytime.

DNS hopes that all readers respect each other no matter who they are and what they do in life.


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