Deni Speaks (3/2/17)

Will the Coalition lose Farrer at the next election?

We achieved our first ever tie with this poll and while we only had a small sample of Farrer voters, this result has the potential to show that the Liberals once solid grip on Farrer may be loosening.

We will revisit the question in the future to see who is in the box seat for Farrer.

Is Edward River Council better than Deniliquin Council?

Mike Baird’s council mergers may of been unpopular in 2016 but it has gotten the curiosity of locals.

45% of voters have said it is too early to tell if the ERC is better than Deniliquin Council whilst 36% say it is better and just 18% say it is not.

We’ll look back at the issue in six months time to see if the totals shift for better or worse.

What is your favourite type of Takeaway food?

Voters have chosen McDonalds as their favourite type with 29% of the vote, Noodles and Pizza are equal second choice with 21% of the vote each.

This question may not be revisited unless there is a sudden shift in appetites across town.


Farrer may not be a Fortress for the Liberals anymore, Council mergers may turn out to be OK and McDonalds is King/Queen despite people around the world not loving it as much as they used to.

If you got a poll question, please leave a comment and we will post the question.



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