January 2017 Weather Report

Month recap

We are now halfway through the last day of January 2017 and Mother Nature has been kind enough to give us a day that is ten degrees cooler than yesterday.

42.9 Degrees was the hottest temperature for this month but it is not a record as January 23rd 2001 was a toasty 46 degrees.

Minimum Temperatures for this month up to today was 16.2 degrees which is .4 of a degree colder than long term averages.

The average Maximum Temperature up to today was 34.3 degrees which is 1.1 degrees warmer than the long term average.

26.2 mm of rain fell over five days this month, the long term average is 21.2mm and that is spread over 4.1 days, the January record for rainfall is 68.6mm in 2011.

What to possibly expect?

February on average is usually slightly cooler with Minimum Temperatures averages being 16.3 degrees and Maximum Temperatures averaging 31.9 degrees.

February usually has an average of 1.6 days over 40 degrees, 7.8 days over 35 degrees and 18.9 degrees over 30 degrees.

Average rainfall is 36.3mm over 5.1 days which is an increase on January numbers.

It will be interesting to see what will come next month.



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