Nationals defeated at Orange

The seat of Orange has officially fallen to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party by 55 votes and this result may open the door for more shock results in State and Federal level.

There is talk around the nation that One Nation may gobble up seats in State Elections across Australia in the next couple of years though One Nation does have a history of ripping itself apart the moment they get any seats.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party could use the win at Orange as a springboard to claim more rural seats at both State and Federal level and there is no doubt Farrer and/or Murray would be on the shopping list.

The Australian Liberty Alliance could also benefit in the next elections, The ALA grabbed  6.08% of the vote in Farrer to finish behind the Libs, ALP and The Greens and if they are wise they would be working every day to be ready to have a serious crack of either winning Murray or Farrer.

The Greens grabbed 8.22% of the Farrer vote and they could make major gains if they really think about their policies and perhaps consider landing a solar project or something renewable in the area that requires workers and incoming dollars.

Voters could also go the Independent route and pick somebody not with a party which means if Parliament is tight, major parties will beat a path to their door, Brian Mills did pick up 4.28% of the Farrer vote not so the idea of Independent voting is not too farfetched.

As mentioned in our previous story, the upcoming elections will likely see Pork Barrelling for the first time in a long time as the Coalition aim to keep Murray and Farrer in their grasp and the ALP and other parties will aim to entice voters to change.

Stay tuned.



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