Solid business, solid growth?

It has been a month since the launch of That Pizza and we’re glad to report that business is doing well for them and we are very pleased that the publics expectations have largely (possibly entirely) been met.

It is always great when a business quickly becomes entrenched in peoples lives because it means there is confidence in the business and a business that can stick around is always good news for the town.

Hopefully the success of That Pizza will mean an upswing in things on the business front around town as there are still a number of people around town that want a job but don’t have the opportunity and when people don’t have the opportunity they move out of town to find that opportunity.

So keep on spending local wherever possible readers and keep those cash registers going off for the more business that businesses get, the more people are hired to keep up with demand and that may lead to other businesses thinking it is a good idea to try their luck locally.


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