Winds of Change?

Deniliquin is situated in a place where nothing political really happens, elections come and go and the results are usually the same.

Federally the local area is held by the Liberals and state wise the area is held by the Nationals and has been that way for a long time with little chance of change.

But over in the seat of Orange, The Nationals seemingly carved in stone hold on that seat may come to an end as the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party have their noses in front thanks to preferences from Labor.

A Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party win would give them their first ever seat in NSW Parliament and could be a catalyst towards winning other rural seats in the state.

Many voters have stated that they were unhappy with the coalitions council mergers and the now cancelled ban on Greyhound Racing.

The council merger point is something we can relate to because we lost Deniliquin Council to merge with Conargo Shire to form the Edward River Council and that meant we lost the only council in the nation to serve just one town.

So what could all the above mean? It could mean that in the next NSW election our local seat may not be a safe place at all for the Nationals and when it is not safe it means pork barrelling happens because the Government will be desperate to hold it and the Opposition will be desperate to take it.

Perhaps we should start writing out our Political wish list to be ready in time for the elections.



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