The heat remains on

Deniliquin is now getting through the second of five days of temperatures that are expected to get over 30 degrees.

33.4 degrees was the highest the temperature got today (Friday November 18) and tomorrow is expected to be 32 degrees before it picks back up on Sunday to reach 35 degrees.

Monday will be the hottest day with 39 degrees expected, earlier predictions stated 40 degrees and so we will watch carefully to see if the prediction remains on track or is either upgraded or downgraded.

Tuesday is expected to be 28 degrees before it falls further to 25 degrees on Wednesday.

Winds will be relatively calm for all days except Monday when 22 to 27km/h winds are expected to blow through town.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all expected to get some kind of rainfall, with Monday and Tuesday leading the odds at 80% and 90% chance each.

DNS hopes all readers make sure that everyone around them and themselves are properly hydrated and don’t forget to regularly check pet water bowls to ensure your pets have water available to them.

Stay cool Deniliquin and remember the Swim Centre is open for those who like a good late afternoon and early evening swim.



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