Halloween is coming

Tomorrow is Halloween and what was once ‘An American Thing’ has now grown into an afternoon and evening of people having fun right around the world.

Kids, teens and maybe a couple of supervising adults will be roaming the streets of Deniliquin from tomorrow afternoon all dressed up in their finest spooky (or homage paying) outfits and asking the question of questions when it comes to Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’.

There will be homes around town that will welcome any trick or treaters for a couple of hours and there is a Facebook page dedicated to Halloween in the local area that has addresses of places that are happy to receive trick or treaters.

The page with local information is called ‘Halloween In & Around Deniliquin‘ and the number of likes are growing ¬†even as this is being written ensuring that by tomorrow afternoon when everyone sets out people will have the best possible information to maximise enjoyment.

Another indicator apart from the page that somebody is receptive to Trick or Treaters tomorrow afternoon is that their front yard will have some sort of Halloween decoration (Orange balloons etc) as a signal that they are welcoming people.

In honour of tomorrow enjoy the classic song ‘Monster Mash’ and may everyone have a great Halloween no matter how they spend it.


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