Learning about the Railway

The rubbish, long grass and weeds situation outside Deniliquin Plaza has led to locals wondering who actually owns the strip of land that goes from the rail line to the back of the shops so that the owners could be contacted and the place hopefully gets tidied up.

At first it was believed that GrainCorp own the land but their boundary only goes to the silo side of the rail line.

The next idea was V/Line considering the Border Railways Act 1922 places the line under Victorian control.

Then Twitter user @MelbPTUser saw our Tweet to V/Line and answered with the following information.

“V/line actually don’t own the regional rail network in Vic, instead they lease it from VicTrack who own the Victorian rail network and associated infrastructure, this includes the standard gauge tracks which are leased to the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) who operates all the major interstate standard gauge routes

But Deniliquin line being broad gauge wouldn’t fall under ARTC’s control. Its an interesting one!”

So with this information, posts have been sent to VicTrack on Facebook and Twitter asking them if they own the line and showing them the long grass and weeds in case they do own it or know who does and passes the information along.

One last piece of interest was that we found a site called nswrail.net and it has two pictures from the 1980s and a couple from the early 2000’s when the station was still standing as well as the goods shed.

@MelbPTUser is right, it is an interesting one.


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