Moderate Flooding in effect

The Edward River has risen to moderate flooding levels at a speed that has taken many by surprise.

After a rise of 42cm between 9am yesterday and 9am today, A similar rise of 39cm (9am to 7pm) happened in just ten hours.

The September 30 river peak of 7.06m was surpassed early this afternoon and rises continued on at great speed to reach the moderate flooding level of 7.20m at 7pm this evening.

At this time of writing, the Edward River is rising 4-5cm per hour and if it holds at that pace the 8.4m prediction could be reached in around 26 hours.

We once again remind readers of what is to come between now and the 8.40m prediction;

At 7.16m the Edward River Oval will be flooded
At 7.32m outside the levee of the Riverside Caravan Park will be inundated
At 7.91m water crosses Chippenham Park Road
At 7.94m Memorial Drive will be inundated
At 8.50m McLean Beach Holiday Park levee is overtopped* (closer to 8.2m before sandbagging)

McLean Beach Holiday Park is expected to be closed by Wednesday as the water level forces the closure of the entry road, removal of property and moving of vans etc is already underway.

NSW SES are holding a public meeting tomorrow night to discuss preparedness and answer questions relating to the likely impact of flooding.

The meeting will be taking place at 7pm down at the Deniliquin RSL Club’s Auditorium.

DNS and Deniliquin History in Photos are both following developments and will continue to report as developments as fold as quickly as possible.


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