Herd2homes calls for help

Herd2homes Dog Rescue have urgently put out a call for donations as medical emergencies threaten the lives of several pups.

What began as a fundraiser for one pup in hospital with Parvo (Parvovirus) has quickly turned into a total of four pups in hospital with the potentially fatal disease that is know to strike pups younger than six months old.

As many will read in the link above, Parvo is not pleasant and what it does would not be wished upon any human or animal alike.

A total is $2000 is aimed for and the good news about the fundraiser is that it accepts both Credit Card and PayPal which makes it very easy for people to donate.

There is also another way to donate and that is by texting CLANCY to 0400 770 530 and $5 is added to your phone bill or subtracted from phone credit for the fundraiser.

So far 12 people have contributed a total of $420 to the fundraiser and it is hoped the momentum keeps going in the coming days.

It has been a busy time for the dog rescue group as they’ve taken in 34 new ‘poochies’ since last Tuesday whilst several dogs have found new homes.

Donations can be made by clicking here followed by clicking ‘Give Now’ and following instructions, donations can be made private.

DNS will continue to keep readers updated as news comes to hand.

EDIT: It was sadly reported today that Clancy lost his battle against Parvo.




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