Deniliquin on YouTube

With all the rain coming down, It was a a good time to see what YouTube had on Deniliquin and so below is a sample of what was found.

The first video to look at takes a look at some of the scooter action at the skate park, The action is pretty good.

This next video is a ‘Deniliquin Nursing & Midwifery Career Clip’ and it’s really nicely done  and perhaps it will even entice people to work at the hospital.

Next up is a minute long TV commercial for Big4 Deniliquin and it showcases all the great things you can do there.

This one is interesting, There is no video per se but it is a song and it’s called ‘Road to Deniliquin’.

There was a documentary made on the 2012 Ute Muster and it is available below, It has a running time of 52 minutes and surprisingly it only has 80 views so perhaps we can do something about that.

There is a couple of videos online of the Cruising Nationals and this one features a XB Falcon in action.

For those who like Horse Racing, You can see a video of ‘First Saturday’ winning a race at the track.

There is also some high quality autocross action available to be seen as well.

Also online are videos of some of the going ons at various Ute Musters (This one may put off some tourists), DHS students in competition action, Grain Trains, Homes for sale, The Deniliquin Municipal Band, SightSee TV and plenty more.

Happy YouTube watching Readers.


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