The Deni Pokemon Wrap (20/9/16)

Pokémon Go Deniliquin

Pokémon Go Deniliquin is currently holding steady at 184 members.

The Group is the #1 place to go when you want to know everything local about Pokémon Go.

Group activity has picked up in recent days which is a good especially now that Buddies has been implemented into the game which has delighted many Pokemon Go players around the world.

Some local users have walked over 30km to catch Pokemon, With figures like those perhaps Pokemon Go will be the Health App of the Year.

For those who want to see memes, stats and other news visit the Pokémon Go page that has almost 2.82 million likes.

Pokémon Shuffle News

Past and present locals have stalled on Pokémon Shuffle with players still stuck on Level 220 and Level 168 respectively .

Vivillon is the Level 220 Pokemon and Level 7 Pokemon are needed in order to defeat it but using special moves like Extra Moves, Mega Start and Disruption Delay make things a higher prospect.

Defeating and catching Pokemon on Expert and Special modes is the current strategy in order to gain the Pokemon needed to advance through the main levels.

Pokemon like Beedrill, Zygarde are Golem and in Special mode but they are only there for a limited time before new Pokemon are put in their places.

Pokémon Shuffle is free on Nintendo’s eShop and Apple App Store and other locations.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of The Deni Pokémon Wrap.


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