Minor Flooding Expected

An alert has been issued for the Edward River with Deniliquin expected to encounter minor flooding this weekend.

The water is rising steadily with the level increasing by a centimetre every 45 to 75 minutes and will soon pass the 4.29m level that was set last month.

The water level is expected to get as high as 5.5m which is 90cm higher than what is classified as minor flooding.

Stephens Weir is expected to record moderate flood levels and with the possibility of further rainfall, Levels may be higher than anticipated for this weekend.

Thankfully this warning has been issued with enough time for those near the river to prepare for what comes their way.

As always we hope that the 4.6m water mark is not passed but if it does we hope the damage that the waters will cause will be minimal, We urge all our readers to be careful and not take any risks on the roads should they become flooded at any time.

Our thoughts are also with those throughout NSW and Victoria who are or will be experiencing a similar situation in the coming days.


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