The rain continues for Deni

The so far rainy 2016 for Deniliquin continues with 17mm falling between 9am Monday and 9am today and there is another 10 to 20 millimetres forecasted for the next 24 hours.

2016 has already had over 100 millimetres more rain than this time last year and it looks set to continue on it’s merry way upwards.

Recent rain has caused the Edward River to rise over a metre in just four days, The most recent data has the river at 3.82m (was 2.6m on September 9) and rising but no flood warnings have been issued at this time.

The river has to be at 4.6m in order for it to be classified as minor flooding but as we already know it doesn’t have to be that for the beach and other low lying areas to go under.

DNS will keep you updated on the river height as soon as it comes to hand.



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