Magpies on the swoop

It’s that time of year again when the Magpies are swooping on residents through Deniliquin.

While the temptation is around to crack a joke about the AFL side of the same name, The Magpies that are above our heads are fast becoming a nuisance and put a dampener on walkers plans of enjoying a casual stroll through town without the need to look up all the time.

Several residents have already been swooped on near South School, the Beach and other locations and there is no doubt the reports will rise over the coming weeks as those Magpies get overprotective of the around their nests.

Residents are urged to record swooping attacks on Magpie Alert in order to keep people informed where attacks are occurring so people can avoid those areas, users can make the reports as detailed as possible to ensure the best report.

DNS hopes it’s readers will be safe this Magpie swooping season.




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