Rovers Talk (6/8/16)

Round 18 of the Football and Netball competition got underway today with the Rovers taking on Berrigan at Memorial Park.


A Grade ended their regular season with a bye.

B Grade comfortably won their game 67 to 42.

C Grade lost their game 45 to 36 today.

C Reserve comfortably won their game 43 to 12.

The Junior sides played well against their opponents today and below are the results of their games.

The Under 17’s recorded another massive win, the final scores in their game read 75 to 4.

The Under 15’s won their final game of the season 20 to 13.

The Under 13’s put on a show today winning their match 48 to 7.


Rovers Football sides were in action against their opponents with success finding most of the Rovers teams.

The Seniors battled hard today in their match but Berrigan had too much of a lead at three quarter time and won the match by ten points.

The final scores were Berrigan 10.9 – 69 to Rovers 9.5 – 59.

T. Lumbar kicked 4 goals, D. May kicked 2 goals whilst M. Braybon, J. Flight and D. Hope all kicked a goal apiece in the loss.

The Reserves have recorded a massive 124 point win in their game today.

The Rovers kicked 20.10 – 130 to Berrigan’s 1.0 – 6 in a game where the Rovers once again won every quarter to accomplish their win.

B. Todd, L. Fleming and G. Trewhitt kicked 3 goals apiece, M. Atley and B. Ezard kicked 2 goals apiece whilst J. Mercer, C. McAllister, M. Johnson, J. Parsons, B. MacDonald, A. Rourke and B. Hardman all kicked a goal apiece in the win.

The Thirds recorded a comfortable 23 point win today with the final scores reading Rovers 7.10 – 52 to Berrigan’s 4.5 – 29.

J. Caniglia and B. Sartore kicked 2 goals apiece whilst B. McCalman, N. Hay and R. Norris kicked one goal apiece in the win.

The Fourths recorded a massive win today, the final scores were Rovers 18.12 – 120 to 0.0 – 0.

B. East kicked 6 goals, B. Redden kicked 3 goals and B. Caruso kicked 2 goals whilst T. Chandler, L. East, J. Muldoon-Leetham, J. Collins, H. Mowat, H. Gardiner and C. Wills all kicked a goal apiece in the win.


The Rovers won the day with eight wins and two losses, The Rovers should be really proud of how they have all played this regular season as 10 of the 11 teams have made the finals with the Under 15’s falling just two competition points short of joining them after being two games behind through most of the season.

Rovers Talk will be back on Thursday as we look at who plays who in the finals.


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