HCF is closing real soon

Deniliquin’s HCF branch will be closing in just under a week (3pm on Thursday August 11) and residents are still unhappy with the decision by HCF to leave the town.

Google already has the HCF branch marked as permanently closed which is a little premature especially for those who want to stay get their claims sorted in the next week.

The HCF office doesn’t just benefit Deniliquin residents, It benefits those in nearby towns as the nearest office is hundreds of kilometres away and so they need the HCF branch to stay open too.

Filling in forms online may be considered the most efficient way to go for businesses but  it is easy for customers to become flustered when they don’t know how to use a computer or they get stuck on a section and there is nobody to see to help them through it.

The service that the branch staff provides in getting people through the above gives customers the assistance they need and give the customer the assurance and comfort that everything is filled in correctly.

When August 11 comes around and HCF isn’t swayed to stay, Some may feel that it’s all over red rover but as it has been seen many times before a business that departs can always be a business that returns later on so don’t give up on trying.

Some may think Rural people complain too much about the lack of services but humanity is making it’s way towards the age of equality and that equality must extend to the country areas having the services that those in the suburban areas of our nation enjoy.


2 thoughts on “HCF is closing real soon

  1. I was of the opinion that the levy on the retailers was to be used to attract business and create employment. well here we go HCF covers both those requirements. So Council how about it


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