What can be done?

Since our publishing of the latest reports on the rubbish situation, the pictures have been viewed dozens of times and are hopefully causing residents to have conversations about what to do about it.

Below are the pictures once again for those who want to see them again or see them for the first time;

So let’s brainstorm some options on what to do about the rubbish and see where it takes us.

1. Plaza owners get it cleaned up.
2. Edward River Council gives the Plaza some help.
3. ERC installs new bins throughout town (outside CBD).
4. The public gradually picks up the rubbish a piece at a time.

The first option can sound very logical to people for the place is managed by the Plaza and they should look after every inch of it even if they didn’t create the mess in the first place.

The second option can work as the ERC can get some council workers to sweep along the boundary of the Plaza and get as much rubbish as possible and their efforts would be a good news piece for the ERC as satisfaction in the past and present Council are not at high levels.

The third option sounds good and would be welcomed by those who don’t want rubbish in their yards particularly along the Plaza side of Henry Street

On the other side of Henry Street, A bin could also be placed on the corner of Napier and Henry which is 150m away from the Plaza fence but if people use it then rubbish amounts would drop and from that corner bins could be placed every hundred or so metres down Henry Street or at the end of each block creating an outside of the CBD bin network as shown below with the black and white squares and rectangles representing bins.

Bin Plan.png

The last option that has been thought of can work but it is acknowledged there is a discomfort in being seen picking up rubbish whilst the town goes by going about their daily business but there is always those who won’t care and do the task for the good of all.

What do you the reader think? What can be done? Feel free to post your thoughts anytime as the expression of thought is a wonderful thing.


1 thought on “What can be done?

  1. Clean up Australia Day…target areas that need cleaning with a website for Deniliquin..post a pic of waste/rubbish with address ..on another matter consider waste recycling at home, through council pick up..Many towns now… residents collect (with bag supplied) kitchen scraps which are collected in bin supplied by council, made into compost and sold back to public..Hugh success in many towns


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