Target severely damaged by fire

Target has been severely damaged by a fire that erupted in the early hours of this morning.

The fire is believed to have started from the power box and made it’s way across and down causing major damage to the building and it’s contents inside.

Deniliquin History in Photos has photos of the fire in progress and the aftermath, one picture by ‘Big Robbo’ shows the fire raging at ground level just before the RFS and the FRNSW arrived to fight the fire.

Details of the fire can also be found at NSW RFS – Mid Murray Zone‘s page and DNS praises the fire services for their actions in stopping the fire from completely destroying Target and spreading to connecting shops.

Cafe 285 gave the firefighters on scene free coffee in appreciation of the firefighters efforts in fighting, containing and then extinguishing the fire.

DNS is also very pleased that nobody was killed or injured in the fire and hopes the best for the owners of the business.


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