The results from Farrer

With all the dust finally settled on the 2016 Federal Election, We can now have a look at where all the candidates ended up in the finishing order.

111,466 people were enrolled for the seat of Farrer with 91.97% of voters voting and of
those voters 6.36% casted an informal vote (Donkey Vote) which would of put the Donkey high up the finishing order.

Below are the first preference totals of each candidate in Farrer,

Sussan Ley – 55,959 votes (57.92%)
Christian Kunde – 17,326 votes (18.05%)
Amanda Cohn – 7,871 votes (8.20%)
Ron Pike – 5,849 votes (6.09%)
Brian Mills – 4,105 votes (4.28%)
Paul Rossetto – 3,461 votes (3.61%)
Trevor O’Brien – 1,780 votes (1.85%)

Deniliquin had three polling places open on the day and the following is how Deniliquin voted and it may surprise some people;

Sussan Ley – 2,566 votes
Christian Kunde – 664 votes
Ron Pike – 347 votes
Amanda Cohn – 194 votes
Brian Mills – 193 votes
Paul Rossetto – 111 votes
Trevor O’Brien – 82 votes

Deniliquin’s tastes were slightly different to the seat wide result with the ALA’s Ron Pike finishing comfortably in third compared to finishing fourth seat wide.

Amanda Cohn barely held third place for The Greens in town with Independent Brian Mills finishing just a vote behind her locally and Paul Rossetto and Trevor O’Brien finished in the same spots as they did seat wide.

Overall when it came to two party preferred votes, The ALP managed a small swing of just over 1% but they needed way more votes and a endorsed candidate to take the seat that has been National or Liberal since inception.


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