Red Alert ends for the Edward

After months of waiting, the Red Alert for the Edward River has been lifted.

The Edward River has been at Red Alert since early March when the amount of Blue-Green Algae reached unhealthy levels, the River was already observed to have been really green the previous month.

Deniliquin was in the midst of a heatwave at the time and the Deniliquin Swim Centre had to extend it’s opening hours to ensure residents stayed cool until the weather cooled down to levels where a pool wasn’t needed.

The River was off limits for recreational activities which was a major blow for the town as the river is used for swimming, fishing, water skiing and other activities, now activities can now start happening again.

Unfortunately for our friends on the  Wakool River, The part of the river that goes upstream from the Wakool–Barham Road Bridge is still under Red Alert, DNS hopes this ends soon for them.

Further details can be found at the link below.


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