The Home Stretch

We’re into the final week of campaigning before the Federal election takes place and it will be a relief once our TV and Radio is no longer bombarded with ads from the major parties insulting each other.

Deniliquin and surrounding areas are faced with a choice, Do we keep Sussan Ley and potentially have somebody still in Cabinet or do we go for somebody from a small party who might be able to do something for the people.

The best chance for a small party is that either the LNP or ALP need the vote of Member for Farrer to enter Government or to pass bills otherwise whoever is sent to Canberra may be sitting back out of sight and hardly heard from for the next couple of years.

There is also the possibility that Sussan Ley will retain her seat despite a swing to the small parties, the Turnbull Government gets another shot and Sussan will have to work hard to try and get those who didn’t vote her this time and that means she’ll be pressing to have local views heard by the Prime Minister and in turn things may go Farrer’s way.

DNS have asked people who they would vote for and so far the LNP and the ALA are getting the lions share of votes, the ALA are considered by some to be controversial but they are keen on making the Murray-Darling Basin Plan fairer or completely abolished for the farmers.

Six parties and one Independent are vying for your vote and below are the options for those who want to make an informed decision on who they want to vote for.

Ron Pike (Liberty Alliance)
Amanda Cohn (Greens)
Paul Rossetto (Christian Democratic Party)
Brian Mills (Independent)
Sussan Ley (Liberal)
Christian Kunde (Labor)*
Trevor O’Brien (Mature Australia)

A up to date political page for Brian Mills could not be found but a search of ‘Brian Mills Farrer’ on Facebook sees he has been very active on several pages and an article on The Irrigator has proved some insight into his thoughts on the MDBP.

Whoever you vote for on Saturday, may they be the right choice for Deniliquin, for Farrer and of course our nation.

*Former ALP candidate Christian Kunde is still on the ballot paper due to legislation stating that no candidate can withdraw or be replaced after nominations close.



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