A recap of May

May is coming to an end and it’s been an action packed month for Deniliquin and so DNS has put together a recap of a small part of the action.

Markets were well attended this month which is always a good thing for the community as sales help local people and organizations out.

The Deniliquin Fine Wine & Food Festival was a well received event on the 28th despite nature trying it’s best to wash it out and hopefully the Festival will continue on for more years to come.

Milk from local producers were snapped up by locals, Milk is good for everyone so keep on buying Milk at any price you can, for those who seek to really help dairy farmers out buy milk directly from them to ensure the farmer gets every cent of the profit.

Deni’s Diner is now operating during most of the day hours at Green Pepper Pizza Café and that means locals now have a bigger choice of food to order around town.

Blue-Green Algae is still a problem with still no sign of Red Alert being changed to Yellow or Green Alert for the Edward River.

Deniliquin Council officially got merged with Conargo Shire to form the Edward River Council and DNS is yet to meet a person who believes the merger is a wonderful thing for the area.

Discontent over rates piqued during the month with many locals still unhappy about the rates and it is hoped the new Council Administrator does something about it.

Football and Netball competitions were well underway in May and the month ended with a thrilling A Grade draw in between the Rovers and Tocumwal in Netball and then fans witnessed a thrilling two point win to the Rovers Seniors in Football against Tocumwal.

We saw a record amount of rain fall this month with 99.8mm of the precious liquid falling throughout the month, it is reported that the 99.8mm of rain is the highest May rainfall in 60 years.

Morning temperatures were a couple of degrees above average which meant there was a little bit more motivation to get out of bed to get to work, school or TAFE.

Lastly, It was reported today that the first Deniliquin and District Transport Industry Wall of Fame is happening in September this year and there is no doubt there is many people who are worthy of being among the first honoured as the transport industry is a vital part of society for without transport there would not be the ability to shift goods and services around the country.

That’s a wrap of May, there was lots more on through the month and we can only hope that June will be just as big a month for Deniliquin as May was.


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