Algae remains Steady

The Algae situation for the Edward River has not changed with the Algae alert map still showing red where we are in the world.

The new report that came out today reports that Gulpa Creek and the Edward River (Mathoura to Old Morago) is still reporting that it’s levels of Algae are steady.

There is some good news for those on the Wakool River as the report for Wakool River from the Wakool-Barham Road to Kyalite is now reading steady, this is good because for some time now levels were reported to be increasing in parts.

With Blue-Green Algae known to grown from heat being trapped in the water and a lack of river movement, it is hoped that the approaching Winter will be what the area needs to get rid of the Algae.

After the Algae goes away, A solution to prevent it from happening again must be found before the weather heats back up in a few months time and potentially causing another months long period of no river activity.

As mentioned previously, one of those solutions is a redesign or abolishment of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan as it is believed to be the cause of many problems from a lack of available water, lack of good water flow and Blue-Green Algae outbreaks to name a few issues.

Further updates on the Algae can be obtained by visiting


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