Pay a little more to help way more

Milk prices have been plunging as the major supermarkets fight for consumers money by lowering their home brands to levels never before seen, the side effect of this is that as the price goes down, the money that goes to Dairy Farmers goes down too and it makes producing and selling milk harder to financially sustain and eventually they have to give it up.

IGA in Deniliquin has stocked up on local milk and milk products and ensuring that every purchase made on brands made by Parmalat, Devondale Murray-Goulburn and other local producers and makers does help a dairy farmer out for they give the Dairy Farmers more money than what the major Supermarkets give to those who produce their lower priced milk and milk product.

Parmalat make products under brands such as Pauls, Oak, Vaalia and Ice Break whilst Devondale Murray-Goulburn makes products under the brands Devondale, Liddells and Table Cove.

Devondale Murray-Goulburn has come under fire recently for lowering the price of a kilo of milk solids between 60 cents and 75 cents, this price cut severely impacts the bottom line of Dairy Farmers whose profit margins are close to negative.

A global downturn in prices, recent drought and the downturn of Devondale Murray-Goulburn’s stock price are blamed for the cut in their milk solids price.

IGA in Deniliquin has made it easier for shoppers by displaying signs throughout the store advising shoppers of the current crisis and where products are made and where the supply is from.

It is true that you may have to spend extra on the brands that support local producers compared to what you pay for home brands but the benefits of the purchase far outweigh the negatives of having to pay a little more.

So please consider buying Parmalat, Murray-Goulburn and other non home brand products on your next shop from IGA and help people do what they love to do for the people across Australia.




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