Rovers Talk (19/5/16)

Last week was the bye for the Rovers and this weekend is a general bye for all sides so everyone gets to put their feet up this weekend.

It must be maddening for a sports mad town like ours when there is a bye for one or all of their sport clubs because there is no sport to participate in, no games their club is participating in to watch and no results from their fellow sides to eagerly await for as the afternoon goes on.

Those who need their sports can always rest easy knowing that there is plenty of sport on TV and if sport on TV doesn’t satisfy then there is live sport or computer game sport to play.

Basketball lovers can travel down to Melbourne on Saturday night and see the Melbourne Tigers play in the SEABL competition or go down and see a AFL match and much more and then come back to Deniliquin ready for Sunday or the working week.

Gamers can play games like the latest Madden, UFC, NHL, WWE, NASCAR or FIFA games or just play a range of games that aren’t backed by a sports league or organization.

The two weeks off must be a double edged sword for the Rovers, it’s good to get a week up on the competition in terms of having two weeks of byes instead of one but a two week gap is a long time between matches but all will be great by the time next week arrives.

It’s going to be great when competition resumes, the Rovers will be playing at home and they will be keen to continue on with their strong pre-bye form by getting wins across the board.

Go Rovers! (even on bye weekends)


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