High rates not equaling high service?

Deniliquin residents are becoming very unhappy at the increasing rates with the view by many that the rates ($1700 and up a year before water bills) are too high and also that there is the feeling the money is not going to where it’s supposed to be.

Residents have stated that rate increases have been given without proper notice and the rates model has been inconsistent as people with similar sized blocks have found themselves to be paying different totals.

Residents are unhappy at the state of the roads with the Deniliquin Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Group having lots of comments and photos from residents showing that roads have crumbled, roads that have potholes everywhere and in some cases there are mentions of streets that don’t have a paved road yet and are difficult to travel on in the dry and near impossible in the wet.

There are also reports that the filling of potholes does not get complete with some streets only having a percentage of the potholes filled before they move on to another street and doing the same there and so on and so forth.

A review of comments made by residents gives the conclusion that confidence in Deniliquin Council is not high and this may make many of those on Council very nervous if they are looking to stay in the job and if the merger between Council and Shire happens they’ll be even more nervous with new players from outside of town expected to enter the field.

The potential merger between Deniliquin Council and Conargo Shire is expected to bring in lots of money and better infrastructure though some have pointed out that this new council will encompass more than Deniliquin therefore things may not really change but hopes are always high change will be the order of the day.

Regardless of what happens merger wise, the rates must be reviewed and action on the roads must be done sooner rather than later or there will be an electoral landslide as change becomes more and more desired.


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