The 2016 Cruising Nationals are coming

It is going to be a spectacular weekend for car lovers as The Cruising Nationals are back again, the town will be filled with all the classic cars and more and it kicks off on Friday night (April 15) at the RSL Club.

Friday April 15 is Registration night at the RSL Club, there will be bands playing, food and soft drinks are supplied and alcohol is sold at happy hour prices for those who want to get their drink in.

Saturday April 16 at the Aerodrome is where all the action takes place with 1/8th Mile Drag Racing, Go to Whoa, Dirt Drags, Car and Plane Display and more.

Sunday is the Car Show at the Waring Gardens, there will be cars in the park space of the Gardens and surrounding streets as well, there is also the presentation of Trophies and the drawing of the major raffle.

The major Raffle is offering a 2010 Ford Mustang and a 2015 Harley-Davidson for it’s first and second prizes respectively, the Mustang is fitted with parts from Roush and Roush is known for primarily it’s NASCAR teams (as Roush-Fenway Racing) as well as it’s car part upgrade business and many other businesses created by Jack Roush.

Those interested in going can buy at the gate spectator only passes for the 16 and 17 April with the events at the Aerodrome on Saturday costing $35 per person spectating ($55 if you’re bringing a car to compete) whilst events at the Waring Gardens cost $15 per spectator.

Of course people can be sneaky and just walk around the streets and get a good look at all the cars for free as their owners are buying from the shops or staying in the hotels and motels but events like these do need people to attend so please consider doing both to ensure the best of a good time.

The events at the Aerodrome does create a bit of noise that can be heard for some distance but it should not be a major disturbance for residents, hopefully no visitors and/or locals take the opportunity to do burnouts in the streets during the event and may everyone drive safely to and from the event.

The weather should be an improvement on last year, last years weather was quite dreary but it is expected to be 27 and 25 degrees on Saturday and Sunday so this year will be an improvement in terms of temperature and colour.

Further details can be found on the event’s Facebook page and it’s website.


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