New Algae Update (11/4/16)

The latest update from the DPI is out and unfortunately despite some high hopes last week that it was going away, the Blue-Green Algae story remains the same.

Levels at Gulpa Creek and the Edward River (Mathoura to Moulamein) have remained steady in mid sections but are still reported to be decreasing at Moulamein.

Wakool River is reading steady, last report had the section at Wakool-Barham Road but now just says Wakool River, it also included Wanganella but that’s now at the Billabong Creek section.

The Billabong Creek report that was just Conargo now expands to Wanganella, the good news is it is decreasing at Conargo but increasing at Wanganella as said in the report on the 9th about the Wakool River.

Overall the alert level remains at Red for the Edward and Wakool Rivers so there is still recommended that there be no activity on the River or make the Rivers a nice place for animals to drink from until the alert changes.

DNS thinks that this situation is starting to become like the video below (play at own risk).


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