Get to know the CWA

It’s a little know fact that CWA (Country Womens Association) Boobook Deniliquin does have a page on Facebook, it currently has 78 likes and has recently been updated with activity after a couple of quiet years.

It is great to know and see that the CWA building has been getting a new coat or two of paint, it’s always been a place of fascination to some as it quietly sits in the corner of it’s street surrounded by the Waring Gardens and so it’s paint job would make it stand out among all the plants and trees nearby.

Coming up on April 23 is the ‘Travelling Mini Suitcase and Quilt Show’ where you can see what is offer, meet Lyn Rose who is the President and perhaps join the CWA who are looking for members as seen by the ‘Keep Calm and Join the CWA’ sign on their page.

So if you have ever been interested in joining the CWA visit their page and give it a ‘like’ today.


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