Herd2Homes continues to grow

Since our last piece on Herd2Homes Dog Rescue, the number of rescued Dogs has increased rapidly as more owners surrender their Kelpies and other breeds to Herd2Homes and/or local pounds, this means that capacity levels are being stretched as efforts continue 24/7 to provide homes for all who come to Herd2Homes.

Kelpies for example are wonderful animals, they are very loyal to owners, they are very playful and they have got a ton of speed, this writer knows first hand about their speed as he was taken on walks/runs by his brother’s Kelpie after he was brought years ago when an ad was spotted and the purchase was made.

DNS knows the good feeling saving a Dog from a pound bring to a person and their family and that more Kelpie lovers will take them in throughout the land.

Over 15,000 people ‘like’ Herd2Homes and between the 15,000 is a great opportunity to help one particular Kelpie named Wilson, Wilson is a 9 month old who dislocated his hip, requiring femoral head excision surgery but surgery is not cheap with the bill totalling $1200.

Donations to cover the cost of the life saving surgery can be made by going to www.givenow.com.au/herd2homes and there is also options for those who prefer can make their donation by putting in the below details at the Bank.

Commonwealth Bank
Herd2homes Dog Rescue
BSB 062533
ACC 10207520
Ref. Wilson Appeal

So if you really want a Kelpie or any of the other breeds  especially one that has been well cared for, visit herd2homes.com.au or visit their Facebook page, you could be the one who gives a Kelpie their forever home today.


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