Algae still sticking around

Recent water testing results have reported that channels to the north of Deniliquin for example Blighty have the highest concentrations of the toxic algae that is causing problems in the local area.

The concentration levels of algae drop towards where Mulwala Lake (Deniliquin’s way) is but while this appears to be good news for Deniliquin it does not mean things are on the improve as levels can fluctuate at any time.

Advice given in previous days remain unchanged so do not allow animals, yourself and fellow human beings touch the water until the all clear is given.

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic have been exemplary in their reporting and advice giving whilst the official algae page on the Department of Primary Industries website gets updated every couple of days leaving people uncertain as to what is going on for it does not go into lengthy detail.

DNS will continue to report about the latest as it comes to hand.


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