Deniliquin’s Still Heating Up

Australia is deep into the first seven days of Autumn but the Earth has seemingly forgotten this as Summer conditions are continuing to hit Deniliquin.

Pools are being well used, Air Conditioners are blasting out cool air and crops as well as farm animals are taking a beating as temperatures continue to reach maximums around 40 degrees with little rainfall coming.

Some rain is possible for this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with a 70% chance for both Wednesday and Thursday with a 50% chance on Saturday.

The expected rainfall is 1 to 5 millimetres for each of the three days, Temperatures are expected to continue to hover around 39 to 41 degrees until this Saturday when a 37 degree day is expected.

DNS hopes that Deniliquin will see rain and cooler conditions in the coming weeks but until that time residents are urged to make sure that they and their pets are protected from the heat, are well hydrated and residents are reminded to always be on the lookout for Snakes.


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