Parity for Fuel at last?

It has been said for many years that everything in the Country is far more dearer than what is in Suburban or City areas.

Fuel may at last be reaching parity with prices now under a Dollar in Deniliquin for most sorts of fuel for example we have four prices below from Metro Mobil North Deniliquin with three of four varieties under a Dollar (these could be Happy Hour prices).

E10 – 93.7
Diesel – 94.7
Ulp91 (Unleaded) – 97.7
Ulp95 (Unleaded) – 110.7

Prices in Suburban areas around the country are also in the 90 cents range meaning that parity is much closer than ever before which is a result deserving of those in rural areas.

There is one concern and that is after hours of research stations around the country are not always showing the same amount, some stations could offer Petrol five or so cents higher than a station that is in sight of it.

Regardless of prices coming from Happy Hour or Fuel companies being nice, We hope the lower prices will remain and take us back to those times in the early 2000’s where fuel prices were not sky high allowing more freedom to go out and enjoy things down the road (Movies in Echuca etc) without blowing the weekly budget.


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