Residents mark Rare Disease Day

Unknown to the vast majority of the world, the last day of each February is declared Rare Disease Day, Rare Disease Day is a day when awareness is given to diseases and conditions that are usually never given the spotlight.

Readers are probably wondering what does Rare Disease Day got to do with Deniliquin? Residents do have rare diseases and conditions for example Essential Thrombocythemia and Budd Chiari Syndrome and researchers around the world are working hard at combating these diseases and conditions that affect Platelet levels in a a person’s Blood and the Liver respectively.

Right now, Deniliquin is battling to defeat the not good for Deniliquin Hospital restructuring of the Murrumbidgee Local Health District and the two events can be linked for the restructuring would affect those who have rare diseases and conditions for they require frequent care from the Nurses at Deniliquin Hospital and a restructuring would affect that level of care.

Keep the colour Blue flying around town Deniliquin residents, look up some rare diseases and conditions for better understanding or maybe even donate a couple of dollars to a foundation and make this years Rare Disease Day a very special and informative one.


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