Nurses campaign continues on

The campaign to defeat the Murrumbidgee Local Health District restructuring proposal continues after a very successful Friday to Sunday period in which Deniliquin was coloured blue and hundreds of signatures were gathered in support of the local Nurses.

A silent ‘Respect Our Community’ site is now operational at 410 Charlotte Street, details can be found by visiting the event page here, the silent protest site was established p so people can see the townspeople’s unhappiness at the restructuring proposal without disrupting what happens at the hospital.

Residents who didn’t get to sign the petition on Friday and the weekend and still want to do so still have an opportunity to sign the petition until March  4 at the following locations;

Deniliquin Florist
Central IGA
Bakers Delight
Soul Pattinson Pharmacy
Ochre Medical Centre (Deniliquin Medical Centre)
Dr Magee’s surgery

Residents are still encouraged to keep colouring Deniliquin Blue so if you still want to show your support by putting something Blue outside your home or business then you are more than welcome to do so.

DNS will continue to report on the situation as it further unfolds.



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