Air plan clipped

Par Avion has pulled out of establishing a Deniliquin to Melbourne and vice versa air service after it’s Griffith to Melbourne service endured a fall in passenger numbers.

It was estimated that a flight from Melbourne to Deniliquin and vice versa would take an hour each way which is one of the benefits for air travel but whether it be eagerly taken up by residents is the question on the minds of people all around town.

It is no secret that some residents prefer the current bus service or the revival of the rail service than an air service but Council appears to believe that an air service is the viable option.

Rail and Bus may take longer for travelers but it is undeniably true that it costs a lot less, Par Avion’s plan was for $149 and $199 levels whilst a bus is around five times lower in cost although it takes an additional three hours travel time.

Is Deniliquin big enough and important enough for an air service? Could such a service be billed as the gateway to the plains (no pun intended)? Could somebody find rail an attractive proposition? Could more buses be traveling the roads of Victoria and Southern NSW?

There’s so many questions to answer and it is hoped by many that Council doesn’t take forever finding out those answers and then acting on them.


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