Festival Return?

It has been reported around town that a festival is back on the cards for Deniliquin in the near future.

With the Ute Muster site considered too large and too far away, the Waring Gardens has taken the lead as the site of choice for whatever will come in the future.

The Waring Gardens does not sound very practical for it cannot hold many people, also there is the large body of water there too, there’s also the question of where everyone will park whilst noise should not be a problem for residences are not that close to the site.

Despite the mass of sport played around winter time, perhaps the following places could be looked at for their space and of course being around town making it easier for people to get to.

– Memorial Park
– Deniliquin Oval
– Rotary Park
– Edward River Oval

If an event comes in 2017 there would be time to negotiate with those who use the grounds to play away games on the weekend in question.

Major problems with the above suggestions could be the lack of amenities and the build up of traffic and parked cars

Whatever happens, townspeople hope that any event will stay in Deniliquin for longer than a year or two for building back up after the demise of a festival is getting and harder to do.


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