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HCF’s closure will hurt locals

HCF’s decision to close the Deniliquin branch from August 11 has not been a popular decision to many locals and those who travel into town for the customer service the branch provides.

It is said that the closure is because people around Australia are apparently putting in claims online or via post and have no need to go into the HCF branch and when people don’t go to the branches then the branches are considered unsustainable and must close and unfortunately Deniliquin’s branch is considered unsustainable.

This closure will be a major disadvantage for some as they may have trouble with filling in claim forms and/or are not computer savvy to do it online and need expert help and the personal touch to ensure that their forms are done correctly.

The staff at HCF in Deniliquin are considered by many to be top class and many are feeling sad that they also lose out despite HCF offering alternatives for the staff (whatever that means, it’s probably not a good alternative).

Supporters of keeping HCF in Deniliquin are being urged to use the contact form online and write down their concerns, so far the replies have been the stock standard business reply but it is hoped that if HCF get messages of the same kind it would force a different kind of response.

An alternative to writing in is by calling them on 13 13 34 between 8am and 8pm (AEST) Monday to Friday and between 9am and 5pm (AEST) on the weekends, please make all calls civil and feel free to share the results of the call with other supporters.

Another option is that Eric Sim Pharmacy has a petition that residents can sign in support of lobbying to keep HCF in Deniliquin.

It is ironic that HCF has the slogan ‘Get More With HCF’ for the closure of the branch means that locals will be getting less than what they had before with HCF.